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Ale of Man 2015

To be sure, to be sure, be thirsty for the Ale of Man tour. 9 nights of partying with ZERO boring...

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Oktoberfest 2015 Tours & Packages

Oktoberfest 2015 Tours in Munich. Thirsty Swagman offers several 3-night packages (can be customised) for Oktoberfest...

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The World's Coolest Festival & Party Tours

From round-the-world pub crawls, to incredible festival and party tours through Europe, Australia and Asia, and the Beer in Space tour, Thirsty Swagman takes you to the coolest and most outrageous party and festival destinations on the planet.

At Thirsty Swagman we believe that relaxing with a drink is one of the great pleasures of life and is the best way to make new friends and meet the locals.

Our party and festival tours (we call them Thirsty Adventures) feature;

  • No boring sightseeing — a Thirsty Swagman tour is 100% party - what you do during the day is entirely up to you (we prefer a good sleep in).
  • Premium hotel & resort accommodation — with no early wakeup calls, so you can party hard and be ready for more fun the next night!
  • Tours limited to 24 — because it makes for a better, safer tour, where the rounds cost less.
  • No Idiot Rules — you'll love our party tours if you're the type of person that enjoys a good night out, but doesn't turn into an idiot after a few drinks (see our no idiot rules).
  • Tour guides that share your passion for a thirsty adventure and have intimate knowledge of the best pubs and bars in each location.
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So come join fellow thirsty travellers from around the globe and experience some of the most unique and amazing party and festivals destinations!

Which Thirsty Adventure will quench your thirst?

Thirsty Christmas

Merry Christmas thirsty people! Here they are, your gifts from Santa. New Thirsty Motivational Posters Keep your...


Mates Rates for Early Birds

Go on. You know you want to. Book any of these festival packages by 31st December 2014, and you'll party like a legend...


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Travellers on our tours know how to party, but always in a way that respects others. If you turn into an idiot after a few drinks then you'll risk being kicked off tour.
Read our "No Idiot Rules"