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Asia Party Tours incl. Songkran festival
Resort hotel accommodation
Exclusive island day-trip
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Sip beers in Iceland
at the Blue Lagoon
Check out the Nordic Rock tour
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Party in Spain on the only premium, 5-star
La Tomatina Tour
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Raise your beers at Oktoberfest
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Asia Annihilator

06 Apr 2016 - 13 Apr 2016
  • 2 amazing party destinations
  • Premium resort accommodation
  • Exclusive island day-trip
  • And much more
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from €890

Spanish Bar-Mada

27 Aug 2016 - 05 Sep 2016
  • Spain's 3 best party destinations
  • La Tomatina festival tickets
  • 5-star hotel accommodation
  • And much more
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from €1,790

Oktoberfest Tours

22 Sep 2015 - 02 Oct 2015
  • World's biggest beer festival
  • Premium hotel accommodation
  • Beer tent reservations
  • Full breakfast every day
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from €795

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We don't do sightseeing

Forget the boring sightseeing. Nobody ever talks about that day at the Eiffel tower. This is how memories are made.

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