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La Tomatina 2013 Tour

  1. Valencia, Spain
  2. Bunol, Spain

27 Aug - 30 Aug 2013

La Tomatina 2013 in Buñol, Spain - the world's biggest food fight.

You'll start the party in Valencia where you'll head to selection of its best pubs and bars.

Then on day 2, you'll take part in the biggest tomato fight on earth, working up a thirst for another night of pub touring with thousands of travellers from all over the world.

Important info re La Tomatina 2013

5-star VIP return-transport to Buñol on festival day, 5-star accommodation throughout, with no early wake-ups (except for La Tomatina of course)... and absolutely zero boring sightseeing!

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Want to party harder? Check out the full Spanish Bar-Mada 2013 tour.

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