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Pub Crawl Themes - Add some fun to your next pub crawl

Pub Crawl Themes - Add Some Fun To Your Pub Crawl
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12 July 2012

Pub Crawl Themes - Add Some Fun To Your Pub Crawl

If there's one thing that can transform a pub crawl from "been there done that" event, to a truly memorable evening, it's adding a theme to your next pub / bar crawl. So when you're planning your next pub crawl, why not add a themed twist to your event. It's sure to add to the hilarity of the night and will be remembered and talked about for years to come. Here's a few with bar crawl themes you might like to consider;

Pub Crawl Themes they'll thank you for:

Around the world
Add some international flair to your pub crawl theme by getting everyone to dress up and party like the locals do in your favourite country. Or check out this actual round-the-world pub crawl.

When I grow up
Reminisce over your childhood dreams by dressing up as a doctor,  nurse, rockstar, astronaut or anything else you wished for when you were  young.

Retirement home bust-out
There's nothing funnier than decking yourself out in loose clothes,  grey wigs  and a walking stick. This theme is sure to be a laugh for every partygoer.

Appeal to Authority
Appeal to the authority or assert your defiance by dressing up as police officers, lawyer or criminal.

A night at the movies
Embrace a culture of bright lights and fame as you morph into your favourite celebrity or movie character. Why not add a red carpet for some fancy décor?

I cant believe you're wearing that
Remember those times you watched TV or went to the supermarket and saw someone with a ridiculous outfit that had you and your mates laughing in fits (Lady Gaga for example)? Now it's your turn to take the stage in the funniest, weirdest or most ridiculous outfit you can scramble together.

Eighties disco
If you don't remember the style of the 1980's, watch an old video clip and you'll know exactly what we mean. Of all our recommended  bar crawl themes this one will really get the night going on the dance floor.

Pimps and Hoes
It's a theme that's been tried and tested at many events but it always  amuses. Let this bar crawl theme release the inner party animal.

Whatever pub crawl themes you chose, be sure to make it unique and hilarious for every party animal attending. It'll set an awesome atmosphere and be great for those Facebook albums later on.

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