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The Monopoly Pub Crawl much more fun than the board game ever was

Monopoly Pub Crawl - more fun than the board game
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19 July 2012

Monopoly Pub Crawl - more fun than the board game

Remember the days when you sat in your living room playing Monopoly with your family? Well now you can live the game with your new family of enthusiastic pub-crawlers.

The Monopoly Pub Crawl in London is gaining popularity faster than the Spice Girls and is hotter than Victoria Beckham in a Union Jack mini skirt. If you're in London now or just planning a trip for the future, don't miss out on this wildly unique experience. It's a pub crawl with an extreme agenda and you can take the challenge today.

The challenge: 26 pints in 26 pubs in just 12 hours. Yes, that's one hell-of-a-long Monopoly game but it's probably the best version you'll ever play. Your journey corresponds with properties and stations of the Monopoly board.

In case you don't remember the game, the first stop on your bar hopping agenda is Old Kent Rd, where you'll enjoy your first drink at The George, a charming old English pub that you won't want to leave. Just remember not to get caught up you've got a strict schedule and still 25 pubs to go!

Some other bars you'll party at include The Duke of York in King's Cross, The Red Lion in Pall Mall, Hogshead in Bond Street and finally (but definitely not least) Ye Grapes in Mayfair. If you make it this far, why not celebrate your final drink with some nice bubbly champagne?

Prompt arrival is a sign of a good player
Meet the crew of beer landlords and property hungry (or should I say, pint thirsty) investors, at the Elephant and Castle Tube Station at 10:15am for a prompt kick off for 10:30am. Just in time to have a pint for breakfast.

Handy hints for your Monopoly Pub Crawl
Remember, slow and steady wins the race. This isn't a game of who can finish first, but rather a game of who can finish. 26 pints is a tall order so remember to drink water and eat food in between if you want to make it to the last stop on the Monopoly board.

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