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And the Fun Kick-Starts Again: Thirsty TV: The Pub: Thirsty Swagman

And the Fun Kick-Starts Again
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27 August 2012

And the Fun Kick-Starts Again

First day shooting on location in Barcelona for our travel show. The sun is shining, the people are smiling and La Rambla is abuzz with thirsty travellers.

Top tour guide Tash lead the camera crew, the amazing Glen Mooney (aka Thirsty Swagman devotee and all round awesome guy) and I to stunning Port Beach for the first part of our filming. The toughest choice was deciding on which beach bar to film at, but we finally settled on Xup Xup. Thanks to their friendly staff, amazing drinks to keep us going and delicious food.

We created quite a stir as we set up the camera on the sand and I whipped on my bikini to fit in with the hundreds of other beach goers and deliver my pieces to camera. The curious onlookers crowded around as Thirsty Swagman shot on the beach, and somehow Mooney convinced a group of excited Italian boys that I was in fact the famous Nicole Kidman (can’t see any resemblance myself).

A successful few hours of filming in this dream location and it was time to head back, meet the rest of the group and get ready for the official kick-off of the Thirsty Swagman Spanish Barmada with an epic bar tour around the city.

Meeting all the other tour members who have come from around the world for this experience was a highlight in itself. The first stop, Gran Foc, was a classy cocktail bar to sit and mingle at – highly recommend an icy cold Espresso Martini to start the night. Then it was a bus to Mirablau bar, which sits up on top of Tibidabo Mountain and offers you a mind-blowing view of the whole city from wherever you stand, as you sip a glass of champagne and get to know your new friends. This is the reality check moment when you realise “damn, I’m in Barcelona, living the dream”.

Smiles all round and the Thirsty Swagman team showing the locals how it’s done by busting out some moves on the dance floor. Back on the bus and Spanish lounge club Universal bar is next on the menu followed by the amazing Opium Mar, a fancy house club that sits right on the beach for the perfect mix of chilled-out Barcelona vibe and heaving dance party.

Highlight of the night: Thirsty Swagman team turning the bus into their own private dance party and showing the locals how to enjoy the night to the fullest.

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