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Travelling Solo?
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17 June 2013

Travelling Solo?

Travelling with your girlfriend / boyfriend / partner / husband / wife / dog / cat / microwave CAN be fun.

The microwave especially can be a very good companion in times when heated meals are scarce, but can be hard to manage when trying to climb a hill or board a plane.

That being said, it may prove less troublesome than your spouse when faced with the conundrum of bungee jumping and rock climbing versus B&Bs and antiquing.

Here are the top five ways in which travelling solo beats a trip with your other half.

1. Avoid the argument over directions (or lack thereof) in the hire car

Nothing spoils a holiday like a big fight in the car. Travelling solo, it is simply your mistake if you wind up lost. And an argument with yourself invariably beats an argument with your wife or husband.

To solve the problem let someone who is paid to do so take care of your transportation. Bus tours and tour groups provide a relatively safe and stress-free way of travelling.

2. You don't have to go shopping

So, you have been waiting all year for the insane trip of a lifetime? Sadly, your partner seems more concerned about buying knock off Nike-t-shirts or the "gold" bracelet that turns to brass before you go home. You start to find yourself devoured by shopping malls that have begun to resemble a maze of death.  Does it all sound familiar?

It needn't be the case. You can have your awesome holiday without fear of being impeded by retailers. When you travel solo you can chose to participate in only those activities you want to 100 per cent whinge free. 

3. Instead of watching The Hangover 3 you can live it

Want to wake up and find a monkey with a severed finger in your hotel room? Well, now you can! Upon reflection, it's probably not such a great scenario in reality.

But, the truth of the matter is that travelling solo can allow for some serious camaraderie and crazy shenanigans. See item 4.

4. You can chat to anyone and make new friends (no matter how scantily clad)

It's always fun in the sun when a bronzed Adonis or topless bikini babe gets in your line of sight. However, it's not so fun if your partner catches your eye. Equally problematic is the making of new friends in foreign lands when accompanied by your other half.

It's more likely you'll get saddled with having to make the acquaintance of some dreary couple at the breakfast buffet than it is to find yourself in the company of vibrant and exciting fellow travellers.

Travelling solo can mean opening up your world and experiences and can make it easier for you to find new friends.

5. Your adventures are your triumphs alone

People who have embarked on a solo holiday, tour or trek often cite the experience as the ultimate expression of freedom. Simply put, the world can be your oyster you can do what you want, when you want.

Sure, it can be a bit scary. But, it makes it all that more exciting and all that more worthwhile. An intrepid solo voyage can leave you feeling liberated, triumphant and self-empowered.

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By Patricia Higgins, Australian journalist, copywriter and model/actor.

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