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World Thirst (Pub Reviews)

The world's greatest and most unique watering holes. From little hidden gems to famous pubs and bars, these are some of the finest beer shacks on earth.

25 July 2013

Pr Skelet Disco Bar

Dying for a drink? Then head to the Pr Skelet Disco Bar in Ljubljana, Slovenia, a very quirky... read more ›
26 June 2013

Beer Barrel Saloon

Affectionately called "The Barrel" by many islanders, the Beer Barrel Saloon boasts a 123.7m (405 ft 10 in)... read more ›
28 May 2013

Ponyfish Island

Surrounded by water on all sides, Ponyfish Island is a haven for thirsty wanderers.With a location as unique... read more ›
23 April 2013

In de Wildeman

Situated in a former Amsterdam distillery, In de Wildeman offers an ideal opportunity to enjoy a vast... read more ›
27 March 2013

Lagoon Bar, Iceland

At this quirky little bar you don't even need to leave the water when bathing at the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa... read more ›
26 February 2013

Ettamogah Pub

The original creator of the Ettamogah Pub was Ken Maynard who started drawing the Ettamogah Pub in 1959. It was... read more ›
29 January 2013

Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem

Reputed to be the oldest pub in England, it's said to have been built in 1189 and is shrouded in history &... read more ›
03 December 2012

Deep Makarska

Think you've travelled enough to see it all? Then head to Deep in Makarska, Croatia. A natural cave that has been... read more ›
25 October 2012

Dow Jones Bar

Introducing the perfect Spanish bar, placed in the side streets of Barcelona - with a combined concept of the... read more ›
24 July 2012

Hobbit House

Inspired by The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Hobbit House, in Manila (Philippines), is a bar where all the staff... read more ›
25 June 2012

Quaich Bar, Scotland

Take a second and try to name all the different whiskies you can think of… Now, imagine 700 different whisky malts... read more ›
29 May 2012


On the state line of Florida and Alabama, the Flora-Bama Lounge and Package is often touted as "The Last American... read more ›
25 April 2012

Bedrock Inn

Anywhere with a Flintstones theme is good sign of entertainment and fun and the Bedrock Inn is no... read more ›
28 March 2012

Casa Pocho

Casa Pocho, located in Cullera (near Valencia) in Spain is one of the most original bars ever - encouraging... read more ›
22 February 2012

Rock Star Live Club

If you like it hard, this place is it. Pumping out solid rock music, live on stage every night, Rock Star Live... read more ›
21 November 2011

Slide in San Francisco

In the Prohibition Era of San Francisco, 430 Mason Street (where Slide is today) was home to a restaurant called... read more ›
26 October 2011

Gallagher's Pub Antarctica

Believe it or not, even Antarctic Stations have nightclubs. In McMurdo there are three incl. Gallagher's Pub. A... read more ›
18 September 2011

Sunset Bar & Grill

Sunset Bar & Grill on the Caribbean island of Saint Maarten has the world's most unique location - at the end... read more ›
23 August 2011


This old house in Reykjavνk, with a London Underground symbol over the door, contains Kaffibarinn - one of... read more ›
27 July 2011

Oasis Roadhouse

The Oasis Roadhouse, at Lynd Junction, Australia, is one of the world's smallest bars - with enough room for just... read more ›
21 June 2011

Trapper John's

Opened in 1984, you'll find Trapper John's on the famous George Street in St John's, Canada. Featuring incredible... read more ›
25 May 2011

Datscha Rockhouse

Nestled deep in the Black Forest in the south of Germany, Datscha Rockhouse has hosted some of the... read more ›
28 April 2011

Churchill Arms

Possibly the cosiest pub in England, the Churchill Arms has hydrated thirsty Londoners for decades. Inside, it's... read more ›
21 March 2011

Harley's Bar Prague

Harley's Bar is the best and only true rock bar in Prague, Czech Republic, and frequented by some of the hardest,... read more ›
23 February 2011

Salty Dawg Saloon

The Salty Dawg Saloon, located in Homer (Alaska, USA), is a fine beershack that has been featured on the... read more ›
15 December 2010

Smith's Arms

Smith's Arms, a thatched 15th-century structure, was a blacksmith's until King Charles II chanced by one day... read more ›
09 September 2010

Minibar in Queenstown

It's not the size of the bar, it's how you use it. Welcome to Minibar in Queenstown, New Zealand.  Just a few... read more ›
27 July 2010


Voted one of the best bars in the USA, Seacrets is a kickass watering hole boasting a capacity of 4,600... read more ›
17 June 2010

Soggy Dollar Bar

Located on a pure-white beach on Jost van Dyke in the Caribbean Sea, you literally have to sail or swim... read more ›

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