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Thinking of Going on a holiday?

  • Types of party vacations
    • Travelling solo
      Travelling on your own may raise eyebrows for some people, but in modern times it’s becoming a lot more common. With today’s busy lifestyles, you can’t always bring your family and friends along - so why skip the experience just because you don’t have someone come along?  

      Travelling by yourself can be very safe if you plan your holiday well and keep your wits about you – but for those who are still a little unsure about it, get yourself started and make friends for life on a Thirsty Swagman tour, where you’ll be able to travel with the safety of an experienced tour guide and a big group who are likely to become friends for life.

      Mancation – Traveling with the boys
      Mancations have been a growing trend among close mates over the past decade, whether it be a fishing or a camping trip with the lads, a bachelor’s weekend away before a big wedding or just a simple annual catch-up to avoid losing touch with your childhood besties.
      But if you’ve got a real special occasion or are looking to just add some more oomph to your male bonding time, what better way to do it than heading on a Thirsty Swagman tour.

      The Euro tour is the ultimate 12 day lads-venture of a lifetime - kicking off in the chaotic bliss of the beer tents at Oktoberfest. Here, you and the crew will be raising your stein with around 10,000 fellow pissed punters, to a traditional brass band that you’ll be swearing you’re seeing in twos.

      And if the Mrs won’t let you go away for that long – you and the boys can always head on the Asia Annihilator tour; a crazy 5-day pub tour that crawls through South-East Asia’s Singapore and Phuket, heading to some of the best nightlife spots, including the hardest rocking pub in Thailand – Rock City! Suggest it to your mates now…the boys will love ya for it.

      Girly Get-a-ways
      With all the daily stress, tension and pressure our busy work and social lives can present us with, it can be hard to get all the girls together for longer than the duration of a lunch or coffee-date - but not if you plan a proper get-a-away for the girls.

      Why not head on a wildly different experience with one of Thirsty Swagman’s tours – where you’ll be able to party like the old days? There’s nothing like creating new memories with old friends.

      There’s nothing like a big holiday to spice up your love life and regain that spark with that special person in your life. Although a private get-a-away on an isolated tropical island might be nice (although possibly boring after a couple of days) – who’s to say that you and your partner can’t spend that special holiday on an authentic pub tour through South-East Asia or Europe?

      There have been a number of couples who have come along to Thirsty Swagman’s tours, as well as two couples who actually met and found love on one of our very own tours.

      Singles with the close mates
      Are you single, looking for a bit of fun, and with a strong passion for traveling and seeing the world? Travel with the company of other like-minded travellers, and use that freedom to travel wherever you want to go, for as long as you want to be there, and with who-ever you want to party with.

  • 10 Reasons why you need a holiday
    • 1. This morning you woke up to an alarm clock and proceeded to follow the same routine you’ve been doing for countless weeks.
      2. On Monday’s, your FB status consists of depressing statements about the new working week
      3. When you heard about Thirsty Swagman’s wild pub tours through Europe and South-East Asia you said “Yes! That’d be fun to do!… one day”
      4. You are way to serious, responsible and you frown too much. It is so fun to let your hair down and it also gives your frown lines a rest!
      6. Experts are now saying that regular holidays are a vital necessity, not a luxury – and you can’t ignore the experts!
      7. You’ve forgotten what the inside of a pub looks like
      8. The thought of going on holiday is about as heavenly as winning the lottery, but also about as unlikely
      9. In the last week, someone has commented on how tired you look and your 3pm sugar fix gets larger every day
      10. You could potentially save yourself from a $1000 of therapy sessions in the long run, by giving yourself a chance to let loose for once.

  • 10 Reasons why you should have booked a TS tour a month ago
    • 1. Book Now, Prepare Now.
      The sooner you book, the more time you have to start practising and get in form.

      2. No Tourist Traps.
      You’ll get exclusive, VIP entry into some of the best and most unique nightlife destinations the world has to offer. Experience only the most authentic pubs and bars with the comfort of knowing that every place we head to has been well researched (and that means none of those expensive tourist traps).

      3. Live The High Life.
      If you’ve done the travel thing before, you’ll know that staying in cheap hostels and backpacker’s lodges really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. On our tours you will be pampered with 100% VIP luxury, travelling by 5-star coach (on any European tours), staying in the comfort of 3/4 star hotels, and receiving exclusive VIP entry in all the best nightlife spots.

      4. No Early Wake-ups and None of That Boring Sightseeing.
      If you’ve ever been on a different tour, you’ll know that after a big night the last thing you’ll want to be doing is getting up at 6am for a long bus ride to a monument you couldn’t care less about due to your hung over state. Wake up whenever you like – that way you’ll be all refreshed for another awesome night.

      5. Free-time.
      One massive pro about Thirsty Swagman’s tours are our flexible itineraries. They’re not jam-packed with activities every ten seconds, giving you time during the day to do what you like (whether it be sleeping, shopping, heading to a pub or checking out that boring sightseeing). If there is anything specific you’d like to do during the day, you can also ask our tour guide for assistance – we have all the “inside” expertise you’ll need.

      6. Travelling Solo / Travelling Safe / No Stress.
      For anyone travelling with us, there’s no need to stress over safety issues, late night public transport, foreign languages or getting lost. The group is always kept together and every aspect of our tours is well thought out, so that your holiday can be completely safe and hassle-free.

      7. Tour Guide’s You’ll Love. 
      Every Thirsty Swagman tour includes 2 amazing tour guides. All of our thirsty guides are highly trained and have all the local expertise you require. They are screened from a large pool of applicants and are always very friendly, fun and responsible.

      8. Simple booking Process.
      Just fill out and send us the booking form and your tour package can be all sorted the very same day. We also always have our thirsty staff available for a chat so that any of your questions can be answered right away.

      9. Flexible Payment Plan.
      All we require is the deposit up front and we’ll save your party spot on tour! After that, the full tour payment isn’t required until 8 weeks before the tour.

      10. Your “Experience of a Lifetime” Guarantee.
      Forget the Eiffel Tower, the river cruises and the museums. Let’s face it; you don’t make best friends standing in line. The best travel stories are written in a pub. With our flexible itineraries and experienced tour guides, a lot of the group’s nights out will go by gut feel. If the atmosphere isn’t absolutely amazing in one place, then the group has the choice of heading somewhere else, giving the tour a special element of the magic of the moment.

  • Air Deals
    • There are a couple of great places to find good deals for flights.
      Some of our favourites are:

      For those of you with itchy feet, head to these sites to plan your perfect round the world itineraries, booking with flights to and from every country in the world:
      Star Alliance

      Or if you’d prefer VIP service, with everything sorted for you and none of the messing around… Book your flights with a professional travel consultant. Thirsty Swagman recommends you contact Claire Evans at Flight Centre Kalamunda on +61 8 9257 1900 during normal office hours.  Alternatively you can e-mail her directly here
  • Group Travel Discounts
    • Group Bookings
      Two’s company and three’s a party! That’s why if you’re looking at travelling in a group, bookings of 3 or more are eligible for a party discount! Please note that this discount is only valid if the deposit is paid together and in full. The remaining booking cost can then be paid separately if you prefer.

      Military Bookings
      People in the Military are eligible for a military discount, as long as there are 2 or more people booking the tour. Please note that this discount is only valid if the deposit is paid together and in full. The remaining booking cost can then be paid separately if you prefer.

      Terms and Conditions

      • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
      • All tours must be made on one booking for discount to apply
      • The deposit for the group members must be paid together and in full

      Are you interested in customising your own perfect pub tour itinerary for a special trip?
      Whether it’s a wild mancation for your mate’s last holiday as a bachelor, a corporate retreat to the most picturesque breweries Europe has to offer, or an all-ladies get-a-away to the most happening destinations around the world, bring us the idea and we’ll customise the perfect pub tour itinerary.

      Simply contact the thirsty crew at Thirsty Swagman with your proposal. Only available to groups of 15 or more, for pub tours of 4 days or longer.

  • Travel Insurance

    • Everyone embarking on a Thirsty Swagman tour is required to purchase travel insurance (but we’d also recommend this for on any holiday you head on!). Travel insurance covers you for a whole bunch of important things, such as if you get hurt, lose luggage overseas, or sustain expenses from delayed flights or cancellations.
      Luckily for you, we’ve done all the hard work and listed 3 places where you’ll get the best deals! Just make sure you check out what your insurance will cover you for, because policies can vary quite a bit. 

      1. Your banks (Aussie travellers only)
      Bank west / Westpac. They use Vero Travel Insurance

      2. Online
      Travelex Insurance

      3. Your Credit Card Insurance Policy
      Most Platinum and Gold credit card holders receive complimentary travel insurance from their banks when they purchase flights on their Platinum/Gold card (Please check the T&C’s for this to make sure that you will be covered).

  • FAQs
    • Bookings and Deposits
      • Q. How much is the deposit and how do we have to pay for the tour?
        A. An initial deposit is needed to guarantee a spot. The deposit is 25% of the tour cost. You can then pay it in any amounts you like after that, as long as the balance full paid before 8 / 9 weeks before the tour.

        Q. How do I book?
        A. To book, all you have to do is fill in the booking form and get it to us via fax or email. If you want to fax it through, our fax number is +61 8 9257 3899, or you can email it to Also if you don’t have a credit card, it would be preferable to then pay through electronic funds transfer (please tick the box on the booking form to say that you’re paying by this option).

    • Accommodation
      • Q. How are rooms allocated on tour?
        A. All Thirsty Swagman tours allocate twin share accommodation. We always try and allocate a “similar” roommate, ie. same gender and age if possible. If we can’t allocate you with another person of the same gender, you will receive a room for yourself at no extra cost.
        We do also shuffle roommates sometimes, although this is always up to the traveller – if you’re happy with the other person, you’re welcome to stay with them throughout the tour.

        Q. What accommodation is arranged for the tour?
        A. All people are allocated into twin share rooms (unless they request otherwise). All our Hotels are at least 3-star (4-star resorts in Asia) and rooms are very spacious / private.

        Q. Can I request single room accommodation throughout the tour?
        A. Yes, at an extra cost, this will be no problem - as long as the rooms are available at the time of tour. Can I book extra nights of hotel accommodation before or after my tour?

        Q. Can you provide me with a list of the hotels we will be staying at?
        A. A list of hotels is no problem. Once you have booked the tour, you will also be sent out a more detailed itinerary with all the tour info you’ll need.

        Q. Can I join the tour later or leave the tour early?
        A. Yes, this can be made possible, however it would depend on when and where you would like to get on and off the tour, and substantial prior notice must be given unless it is an emergency.

You've booked a TS tour...what now?

  • 10 Travel tips and tricks
    • 1. Travel Light! Before you head off on your party tour, lay out all your clothes and all of your cash on your bed, then take half the amount of clothes you thought you would need, and double your cash – because you’re going to definitely need twice the drinking money.

      2. Always budget to have some spare cash left by the end of your trip. Guaranteed you will need it for an emergency or just some extra cash before the end of the trip.

      3. ALWAYS get travel insurance. Travel insurance usually covers you for illness, lost baggage, theft, and flights cancelled by an airline that you might be travelling with. Make sure that you get travel insurance when (or soon after) purchasing your flight tickets – as insurance usually covers the cost of your ticket if your airline unexpectedly goes bust. Also – it is usually cheaper to purchase travel insurance straight from your bank or an insurance company, rather than a flight agency. Make sure you always check what your insurance covers you for before you purchase it!

      4. Before leaving for your trip, make two sets of photocopies of your valuable documents such as tickets, railpass, passports and any forms of I.D. Pack a copy and leave another at home with anyone you can contact if you get into any sticky situations when you’re away. These copies are worth having if anything gets lost or stolen – it will both prove that you really owned what you lost, and also speed up the replacement process.

      5. Familiarise yourself with local conditions and laws. When you are travelling in a foreign country – you are subject to their laws. Make sure you always check out what is acceptable and legal in another country before you go and get drunk there – or you may wind up in jail just for having, what you thought, was a good time!

      6. Don’t take candy from strangers. You know not to do it growing up – so why start now? When travelling around, whether it be on your own or with mates, it is inevitable that you will meet and mingle with new people. You should always be careful of strangers and shouldn’t completely trust anyone. It is strongly advised not to take illicit drugs of any form in a foreign country – firstly because there is no way of telling what you actually could be taking, and secondly, because some countries, such as Singapore and Thailand, have VERY tough laws on drug possession. Also – If anyone buys you a drink, you can accept it – just make sure it’s unopened first!

      7. Dress to Un-impress! Theft is quite common in some countries and travellers definitely make an easy target. When leaving your hotel, just carry enough cash for the day and leave those unnecessary credit cards in the rooms! Fancy dressed travellers with Rolex watches and other bling are just asking to get mugged. In the case that anything is stolen however, ALWAYS file a police report if you intend on making an insurance claim, and be prepared by making two copies of your passport I.D page before your trip (this will speed up the process of getting anything replaced).

      8. Buddy it up! This tried system, works! If you’re heading out, whether it’s to the shops, the beach, a bar or club, try and stay together at all times, or at least keep tabs on the whereabouts of one another. If might be unrealistic for travelling groups to stay together at all times, but it benefits both guys and girls to travel safe.

      9. Pack appropriate footwear – For the ladies; many places don’t mix well with high heels, such as many areas in Europe with its cobblestone streets, and places such as Thailand, where the streets are usually not very level. For the lads, enclosed shoes are usually best for if you’re planning on partying hard at places such as Oktoberfest in Europe, as people usually spill their drinks and drop glasses a little too regularly.

      10. Keep it local!

      • Get a local sim card – it’s always good to be able to keep in contact with the people you’re travelling with, and global roaming can sometimes cost a fortune!
      • Grab a local power adapter – your phone and camera batteries aren’t going to charge themselves.
      • Learn the basics of the local language – not only will the locals appreciate it, but it will make life a hell of a lot easier and will make you a less likely target for getting ripped off.
      • Take some local cash – ALWAYS have some local currency on you before you arrive in the country (in case of any unexpected situations such as your card not working in the local ATMs).
  • What to pack on a pub tour
    • 1. Travel Light! Before you head off on your party tour, lay out all your clothes and all of your cash on your bed, then take half the amount of clothes you thought you would need, and double your cash – because you’re going to definitely need twice the drinking money.

      2. Pack appropriate footwear.

      For the ladies; many places don’t mix well with high heels, such as many areas in Europe with its cobblestone streets, and places such as Thailand, where the streets are usually not very level.

      For the lads; enclosed shoes are usually best for if you’re planning on partying hard at places such as Oktoberfest in Europe, as people usually spill their drinks and drop glasses a little too regularly.

      3. Clothes for European tours:
      - The beer tents can get pretty messy, so it’d probably be best to just wear a top and jeans.
      - It’s recommended that you don’t wear thongs or open shoes as people tend to spill their drinks and drop their steins.
      - If you really want to celebrate Oktoberfest in style, you can wear traditional Oktoberfest outfits. The traditional outfit for men is a Lederhosen and for ladies is a Dirndl (Google it and check it out). You can buy these outfits from plenty of stores in Munich and these start at about 60 Euros and can be priced up to about 1000Euros for more authentic quality outfits (ladies, make sure you ask where the knot on your Dirndl should be tied, as the position of the knot signifies a women’s marital status).
      - Some parts of the Euro Hard’n’Fast tour get pretty cold at night so bring lots of clothes to layer up and one real warm jacket/jumper.

      4. Clothes for Asia tours:
      - BATHERS! Trust us, in this heat, you’ll want to hit up the luscious hotel pools and near-by beaches as much as possible.
      - Clothes that you don’t mind getting completely soaked – for Songkran; a nation-wide water fight celebration
      - A couple of nicer outfits for heading out on the town in Singapore’s famous Clarke Quay.
      - In Thailand everyone usually goes casual, heading out in shirts, shorts and thongs.

  • Savings secrets

    • When it comes to saving the dollars, it’s easier said than done!
      But educate yourself with some of these saving secrets and you’ll have a stash of booze money saved for your Thirsty pub tour in no time!
      100 great tips for saving money for those just getting started/
      Wikihow: Save-Money
      Money Central Saving and debt
      This is money: 50 ways to save
      Or if you can’t be bothered reading up on it, here are a couple of our favourite saving tips that should get you started:

      1. Know how much you earn/spend! You would be surprised how many people have no idea how much they earn, and how much of that income goes to their debt or discretionary spending. Keep track of how much you spend on bills, groceries and booze and then adjust your spending accordingly.

      2. Kill your debt first! Calculate how much debt you have, and work out how much you need to pay off a week to totally eliminate it!

      3. Set savings goals and time frames to achieve them in. Make sure you set shorter, attainable goals to keep you motivated!

      4. Master the thirty day rule. Whenever you’re considering making an unnecessary purchase, wait thirty days and then ask yourself if you still want that item. Quite often, you’ll find that the urge to buy has passed and you’ll have saved yourself some money by simply waiting, but if it’s something you really can’t get out of your head – save up and get it.

      5. Write a list before you go shopping – and stick to it!

      6. Invite friends over instead of going out (or if you do head out - bring a flask …it’s a great way to save money – but this behaviour is not at all encouraged!). Almost every activity at home is less expensive than going out. Invite some friends over and have a cookout, then play some cards and have a few drinks. Everyone will have fun, the cost will be low, and the others will likely reciprocate not long afterwards.

      Responsible Travel
      The opportunity to travel in today’s society has never been so easy, and the travel industry is now the world’s fastest growing industry. This is why it’s important for today’s travellers to make sure they are aware of their impact on the countries they are entering, so that environments and cultures are sustainable for travellers of the future.
      When you head overseas, become a local - don’t transport your culture to them.  Take the time to find out about any local customs and cultural characteristics of your desired destination. The 10 minutes you spend finding out about the place you are going, could prevent unwanted disturbances to the local community, and could even be the difference between a nasty fine or a night in jail.

      Try to be observant and keep buddy systems with your friends (don’t just bail home when you’re really drunk without telling them where you’re going!). Taking note of what is going on around you and being cautious of strangers could save yours or your mates wallet, or even your lives.

      Also our little tip; drink the local wines and beers if you want to really experience the place.

  • Travel Hints for Health and Safety
    • Okay, so we realise that you’re about to go on an epic pub crawl, where drinking for days on end is likely to occur…but it’s times like these that you should think about checking whether your health is in order. Travelling to different climates and environments abroad (and coupling that with drinking for 2 weeks straight) can expose you to viruses and health risks – so make sure you head to the GP and get a check-up before you jump on that plane.

      Do I need any vaccinations?

      Please consult your doctor to find out which vaccinations are required. If you suffer from any form of illness, be sure to have an adequate supply of medicines before departing on your trip. You must advise us of any important medical condition you may have, before departure.

      Emergency numbers

      When travelling abroad, it’s usually a good idea to know the appropriate phone numbers for an emergency. Make sure you ask your tour guide – he/she will usually have a list of these numbers available.

      To check out emergency numbers for yourself:

      Emergency numbers for Asia Pub Tours:

      Emergency numbers for European Tours:
      Czech Republic

      Travel Insurance

      Regardless of how well prepared, healthy and fit you are - if you cannot afford travel insurance, you cannot afford to travel. Overseas medical costs are not covered by Medicare (See “So you’re thinking about going on a holiday?” section for all travel insurance info).

      Still not sure about health care requirements for your journey?
      FCO Travel and Living abroad/ Smart Traveller Tips

  • FAQs
    • Passports and Other Important Documents
      • Q. Do I need a passport and travel visas?
        A. Most of Thirsty Swagman’s tour destinations don’t require travel visas, however you should always check at least 3 months before travelling.

        Q. When will I receive my travel documents from Thirsty Swagman?
        A. Your travel itineraries and any other necessary documents will be sent out about 6 weeks prior to a tour. Your Thirsty Swagman shirts will also be sent out around this time – so make sure you let us know if you need them to be sent somewhere else if you start your travelling early.

        Q. Will I need a current passport?
        A. Yes, you WILL NOT be able to leave enter another country without a current passport that is valid for at least another 6 months.
    • Cancellation & Refund Policies
      • Cancellation & Refund Policies
        Q. What are your cancellation/refund policies?
        A. Please let us know as soon as possible if you wish to cancel your trip. The deposit is non-refundable for all tours. Unfortunately, if you cancel your trip less than 6 weeks before the tour begins, you will not be able to receive a discount on the remainder of your tour cost. If you need to cancel your trip, we need a written confirmation via email that you are cancelling your trip.
    • Luggage Allowances
      • Q. How much luggage can I bring?
        A. Most airline carriers usually allow 25kg, however luggage weight does vary so please check this with your airline’s restrictions before heading to the airport.

    • Is your question not on this list? Email us.
      Want to reserve your party spot on one of our tours? Email us
  • Staying Connected
    • Now more than ever, people are fully equipped with social media channels keeping them connected. That means you can easily stay in touch with everyone you meet on tour, as well as those you meet along on the journey! Not a social media junkie yet? Make sure you set up an account to keep in contact with your new mates…

      Become a fan today and be first to hear about our tours and deals. It’s also perfect for getting fast advice and keeping up with your new mates.

      Already a Twitter-maniac? Follow us @thirstyswagman to be the first to hear about our latest deals and discounts and for up to date travel information.

      Check out great travel vid on our YouTube channel today.

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