Bamberg, Germany is one of Europe’s most beautiful, most well-preserved, and most un-beer-lievable cities. This stunning UNESCO World Heritage City is a must-visit for lovers of history, medieval architecture, and—you guessed it—beer! Here’s what else you need to know about Beermberg… Bambeerg… BAMBERG:

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Essential information

Bamberg, Germany is located in the Franconia region of Bavaria, just 2.5 hours from both Frankfurt and Munich and about 5 minutes from some of the best beer and food in the country. Bamberg’s currency is EURO, its language is German, and its time zone is GMT+1.

Official Bamberg website:

Bamberg Germany
Adorable buildings line the river in this stunning UNESCO World Heritage City

Why visit Bamberg?

Bamberg is regularly touted as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and its UNESCO World Heritage status only confirms this as fact. With a history going back to the 9th century, it is full of ornate palaces, medieval castles, and colorful architecture that makes up one of Europe’s largest intact medieval town centers. In other words, unforgettable scenery to stare at while you drink incredible local brews. Let’s learn a little more about this awesome city…

Bamberg fun facts

Did you know… because the city is spread across seven hills, it’s often called the “Franconian Rome?” (Though many locals call Rome the “Italian Bamberg.”)

Did you know… Bamberg is home to a unique kind of beer? This smoked beer (also known as Rauchbier) is one of the many hand-crafted brews you can find in this beer-loving town. There are two local breweries that make smoked beer, Schlenkerla and Brauerei Spezial.

Bamberg Schlenkerla Brewery
Tempt your tastebuds with some smoked beer at Schlenkerla, a brewery founded in 1405.

Did you know… there are 13 breweries within the town itself and 60 more in the surrounding area? It’s a beer lover’s paradise.

Did you know… denim king Levi Strauss was born in the district of Bamberg in the tiny town of Buttenheim just a few minutes away? And that the house he was born in is now a museum?  

Did you know… the city used to be just full of witches? And that means… witch hunts. Much like nearby Dinkelsbühl, it was dead-set on hunting down (and getting rid of) all its witches. Today, you can visit the town’s Documentation Center on Witches to learn more.

What to do in Bamberg

No, you’re not in Texas, but wearing jeans and drinking beer is a bit part of the action here… But there’s more!

  • Levi Strauss Museum – Don’t miss this shrine to all things denim.
  • Franconian Brewery Museum – This is Bavaria, so of course there’s a museum completely dedicated to the Franconian love of beer.
  • Altenburg Castle – Head up to the top of Bamberg’s highest hill to check out this well-preserved castle from the year 1109.
  • Bar-hop along the Sandstrasse – Dozens of tiny pubs and bars line this street including wine & cocktail bars, music bars and traditional Bavarian pubs. Be prepared to turn the party level up a notch, this place is pumping until the early hours of the morning.
  • Raise a beer (or 3) at the Schlenkerla brewery – Founded in 1405, it is famous for its unique smoked beer.
  • Michaelsberg Abbey and beer garden – with stunning views over the town, raise a beer at this beautiful beer garden.
  • Little Venice – (This isn’t Italy, but you’d never know, huh?) Bamberg’s Little Venice is the former fisherman’s district where you can take a cute little river cruise and see all its beautiful little half-timbered houses from the water.
  • Take a brewery tour – Book your spot on the BierSchmeckerTour on Bamberg’s Brewery Trail and try a few (or more) of the city’s famous beers.
Bamberg Altes Rathaus
The iconic Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus) is the most famous building in town

How to visit Bamberg

If you are flying into Munich or Frankfurt, the easiest way to get there is by train. There are direct connections to Bamberg from both cities’ central train stations and international airports.

Book a train ticket directly at Deutsche Bahn:

Driving & Train times from major cities

Munich – 3h driving, 1h 45min train (direct)

Frankfurt – 2h 45min driving, 3h train (direct)

Nuremberg – 45min driving, 35min train (direct)

Stuttgart – 3h 30min driving, 3h 30min train (1 change)

Bamberg is a destination on our A Knight’s Ale tour.