Dinkelsbühl, Germany is the picture-perfect medieval town that’s regularly dubbed one of the “most beautiful towns in Europe.” As a favorite stop on Germany’s Romantic Road, you’ll get your fill of ale in some of the most picturesque taverns this side of 14th century. Here’s what makes Dinkelsbühl a great stop on our tour…

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Essential Dinkelsbühl information

Dinkelsbühl, Germany is located in the Franconian region of Bavaria—the mother of all delicious German cuisine. It’s located just about a 2-hour drive from both Munich and Frankfurt, and is one of the most memorable stops on Germany’s famous Romantic Road.

The currency in Dinkelsbühl is EURO, the language is German, and the time zone is GMT+1.

Official Dinkelsbühl website: https://www.tourismus-dinkelsbuehl.de/

Why visit Dinkelsbühl?

So what makes Dinkelsbühl such a worthy destination? What is it known for? Well, its beauty, for starters.

Regularly voted one of Europe’s most beautiful towns (most recently by CNN), Dinkelsbühl is a prime example of a quintessential medieval German town. Stunning half-timbered architecture and a slower pace make Dinkelsbühl one of the most beloved stops on Germany’s famous road trip known as the Romantische Strasse (Romantic Road).  

It has an interesting history (as a former part of the Holy Roman Empire) and is home to some fun festivals, fantastic food, and fairytale vibes.

Dinkelsbühl fun facts

Did you know… Dinkelsbühl is one of only three German towns to still have intact medieval defense walls? (The other two are Nördlingen and Rothenburg ob der Tauber.)

Did you know… the most famous church in town, St. George’s Church (built in the 1400s), has a window covered in pretzels? It was paid for by the bakers and coopers guild to show the town’s residents that even the guilds helped pay for the church’s construction.  

Did you know… every summer Dinkelsbühl hosts a popular heavy metal festival? Ironically, it’s call “Summer Breeze.”

Did you know… between 1613 and 1661 five witch trials took place in Dinkelsbühl? Many local women (and one man!) were convicted of witchcraft and executed in various ways. There are permanent exhibits on this in the Rothenburger Tor and the House of History Dinkelsbühl.

What to do in Dinkelbühl

Well, for starters, definitely not witchcraft. Otherwise, here are some of the most popular things to do in Dinkelsbühl:

House of History Dinkelsbühl – To learn why witchcraft may not be the best hobby… but also to learn about more than 800 years of Dinkelsbühl history.

Attend one of its many festivals – There’s the Summer Breeze heavy metal festival in August, the Christmas market and Rough Nights in Dinkelsbühl event in winter, the fish harvest festival in the fall, and the town’s biggest event: the Kinderzeche historical children’s festival.

Go horseback riding – Dinkelsbühl is home to a large number of riding stables and you can even rent your own horse for the day. What better way to get around this medieval town?

Walk the medieval walls – If using your own two feet is more your thing, you can walk around the city on its historic defense wall, or on the outside of it on the Alte Promenade trail.

How to visit Dinkelsbühl

Getting to Dinkelsbühl is easiest by car. It’s just a 2-hour drive from both Munich and Frankfurt and there are plenty places to park.

If you are arriving by train, Dinkelsbühl train station is just a 10-minute walk from the center of town. Book a train ticket directly at Deutsche Bahn: https://www.bahn.com/en

If you’ll be flying in, the closest major airports are Munich and Frankfurt.

Driving & train times from major cities

Munich – 2h driving,

Nuremburg – 1.5h driving,

Frankfurt – 2.5h driving,

Stuttgart – 2h driving,

Salzburg, Austria – 3h 45m driving, Dinkelsbühl is a destination on our A Knight’s Ale tour.